Run PHP7.0.0alpha1 on Wamp Server

I wanted to test out the new php7.0 alpha release in my local environment. I currently am running Windows 8.1 with Wamp Server installed. Wamp Server obviously doesn’t have a version to download yet with php7 so I figured I would try to get it to work myself. Here are the steps I took to

Laravel 5 / Lumen Code Generator

So when I first started using MVC frameworks in PHP the first framework I really dove into was Yii. One of the coolest things about Yii is they have a code generator called Gii. Gii would look at your database and create Models, Controllers, and even Views for basic CRUD automatically. Laravel has something similar

First Data Global Gateway e4 – PHP API Code

Recently I was working with someone who decided to use First Data as their payment processor. I like First Data and normally highly recommend them to people looking for credit card processing. However, in the past everyone I have worked with used a different payment gateway like so I have never worked with First

Amazon EC2 IP Detector for Python

The other day I need to be able to detect if an IP address was an Amazon EC2 IP address for a project I was working on. I couldn’t find any code but I did find this: Which is a list of all the ip ranges for Amazon EC2 servers. So first a wrote a

Cincinnati Web Analytics Event

InfoTrust & Google present Analytics that Excite 2014. The conference will be all-day on Wednesday, October 15th.  The event will take place at Memorial Hall in downtown Cincinnati (1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati). Whether you’re an analyst, marketing manager, director, VP or CMO – we all need data that excites. Analytics that Excite 2014 will show you how to get