Run PHP7.0.0alpha1 on Wamp Server

I wanted to test out the new php7.0 alpha release in my local environment. I currently am running Windows 8.1 with Wamp Server installed. Wamp Server obviously doesn’t have a version to download yet with php7 so I figured I would try to get it to work myself. Here are the steps I took to

Laravel 5 / Lumen Code Generator

So when I first started using MVC frameworks in PHP the first framework I really dove into was Yii. One of the coolest things about Yii is they have a code generator called Gii. Gii would look at your database and create Models, Controllers, and even Views for basic CRUD automatically. Laravel has something similar

First Data Global Gateway e4 – PHP API Code

Recently I was working with someone who decided to use First Data as their payment processor. I like First Data and normally highly recommend them to people looking for credit card processing. However, in the past everyone I have worked with used a different payment gateway like so I have never worked with First

Amazon EC2 IP Detector for Python

The other day I need to be able to detect if an IP address was an Amazon EC2 IP address for a project I was working on. I couldn’t find any code but I did find this: Which is a list of all the ip ranges for Amazon EC2 servers. So first a wrote a

Cincinnati Web Analytics Event

InfoTrust & Google present Analytics that Excite 2014. The conference will be all-day on Wednesday, October 15th.  The event will take place at Memorial Hall in downtown Cincinnati (1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati). Whether you’re an analyst, marketing manager, director, VP or CMO – we all need data that excites. Analytics that Excite 2014 will show you how to get

Appcelerator Changing Language Programmatically

Appcelerator follows the Android standard convention for internationalization. Basically you setup a i18n folder and then create folders named with the ISO 639-1 code for the language and put a strings.xml file in each. So basically you end up with a folder structure like this: i18n …en ……strings.xml …fr ……strings.xml …zh ……strings.xml Only problem with

Titanium Certified Developer and Expert

Last week I spent a week in Nashville, TN going through some training in Appcelerator. Half way through the week I passed the Titanium Certified Developer test, then at the end of the week I passed the Titanium Certified Expert test. For those of you who don’t know Appcelerator is a Javascript framework that alloys

YiiBooster TbGridView – First and Last Page Link

I basically always have YiiBooster installed on every Yii site I have worked on. One thing I could never get to work right was on a TbGridView, which extends the CGridView class, is the First and Last page links on the pagination. Like this: I finally took the time to dig into the code and was able

Cheap Virtual Private Servers at Digital Ocean

As a developer I need a web hosting solution for my personal sites, development environments for works in progress, and a few sites for friends and family. I used to use a shared hosting account that allowed for multiple domains like Bluehost (or I’m ashamed to say at one time even GoDaddy). However, while shared

Mobile API and Drupal Multisite Bootstrap Issues

At work I have been working on making my first mobile app with Appcelerator which is a Javascript based tool that ports to Android, IOS, etc… For the most part everything has been good. There are a lack of good tutorials out their, however, there are some sample projects out there so as long as